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Gilgal's Vision:

The vision for the Gilgal Women and Children's Foundation International is based on Joshua 5:9 which says, "And the LORD said unto Joshua, this day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you. Wherefore the name of the place is called Gilgal unto this day."

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school kids takinga break
School Kids

Pictures from Nigeria

Our vision is:
- To create opportunities for the less privileged in Africa, especially in Nigeria.
- To give children an opportunity to be educated and cared for by building a school and a children's home in Nigeria.
- Create a scholarship program for children who are living in poverty and are unable to afford basic education training.
- To encourage widows and empower them to stand on their own, through learning trades and helping them to start small scale businesses.
- To give caring, compassionate families, churches and organizations the opportunity to be involved in short and/or long term work in Africa.
- To be a bridge between Canada and Africa by giving the two societies an opportunity to be a blessing to each other.
- To enable men and women from Canada to go to Africa to help train and equip African women in different trades and skills.
- To help pastors from Canada organize teaching seminars and conferences and to set up mission stations in Africa.
- To help African churches and pastors shoulder their load by giving manual labor and material support.
- To provide materials and resources that will be of great help to the widows and churches in Africa (toys, clothing, books, teaching aids, working tools, farming tools).

having a fun day at school
Fun school day

school teachers in nigeria
School Teachers in Nigeria

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Flag of Nigeria

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